Things To Consider Before Renting A Storage Unit


Are you looking for your first storage unit? We can help you. Renting a storage container is a terrific space-saving alternative whether you need to keep belongings temporarily when moving or long-term after downsizing. Storage facilities provide a safe, accessible, and easy-to-find answer for customers who require storage. The majority of short- and long-term storage facilities offer a range of unit sizes and services to meet your needs.

Continue reading to learn some useful tips before renting a self storage unit:

Location matters

Make sure the location is handy for you and close to your house or job before you choose a storage facility. If you anticipate making numerous travels to and from your unit, this is very crucial.

Also, stay away from storage facilities that are vulnerable to natural calamities such as flooding or wildfires.

Pick the right size

Here are a couple techniques to estimate what size unit you’ll need if you’re not sure:

Put everything you intend to store in one location, such as a corner of your garage. You’ll be able to measure or estimate the amount of room you’ll want in this manner.

Examine the various sizes of storage units in Brookvale available at your facility and ask a staff member what they recommend for the items you wish to store.

Length of the rental contract

A storage container can normally be rented for as long as you need it. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, you’ll find it at one of the many storage companies offered. Some people even rent storage units for an indefinite amount of time to free up room for personal or professional possessions.

Storage businesses, on the other hand, will almost probably have a minimum rental time. The majority of businesses offer monthly or weekly contracts. Some storage firms may charge a three-month minimum. If you want to cancel your storage service, keep in mind that you must notify the provider by a certain date. Otherwise, you can find yourself paying for storage units for the following month whether or not you’re still using them.

Get yourself a lock

Make careful to inquire about locks when you phone or visit the self storage facility. Some places demand that you buy a lock from them and/or that all tenants use the same type of lock. Others will let you use any lock you choose so long as it fits on the door.


Locks come in a wide range of types, prices, styles, and levels of security. On YouTube, there are innumerable videos of people demonstrating how to pick open almost every sort of lock.

Whether you choose to buy a lock at a hardware shop or invest in a more expensive lock for enhanced protection is a personal option.