No matter what part of the world you live in, we are sure that by now, you’d have realized how unpredictable weather seems to get now-a-days. Even countries that haven’t experienced harsh summers or winters are now doing so. Whatever the reason for it may be, be it global warming, or anything else, the truth is that most of us are yet to prepare completely for it. With the colder months fast approaching us, here are our tips on how to prepare for it in advance. Some of these tips may apply only to those of you who are expecting to face harsh cold weather; but precaution is better than regret!
Bring out the winter gear
If your summers are as bad as your winters, then we’re pretty sure you spent most of it in shorts and skinnies. In this case, most of your winter coats, other thick and warm clothes, blankets, and comforters might have been locked away. Send them in advance to the dry cleaners to get cleaned so that they’ll be fresh and ready when you need it this winter.
Go over your emergency supplies
Check your emergency supplies. This applies for the first aid kit, as well as the things that are going to help you through an unexpected storm, blackout or water cut. Check and replace batteries as well as expired medicines. The last thing you need to be doing during a storm is running out for supplies.
Be stocked with food and drinks
As important as it is to get your blanket’s dry cleaning done to make sure you’re warm, it’s also important to make sure your fridge and cupboards are well stocked to see to your hunger. Stock food and beverages that need not be cooked or refrigerated. Drinks that simply need you to add in hot water are a winner as well,
Fix all that you’ve ignored all year
No doubt the day to day chaos of life has been keeping you busy. Leaking roofs, broken or cracked windows, gas heaters that haven’t been serviced all year are all common things that we ignore or put off until it becomes a pressing matter. Take a moment to see them all fixed. As small as that crack in the window pane is, if it’s going to let in cold air during a black out, it’s going to cause major trouble.
See to your garden as well
Any avid planter would know how to prepare their garden and plants for the cold months. Besides this, you should also take the time to properly cover your garden taps and equipment to make sure they don’t get affected by the cold or moisture. Also, watch out for dead branches or trees that may cause potential harm to your home during a storm.