You have seen people being called thin, fat, short, tall, dark, fair and of different social classes or races and they are all different stereotypes of how other people envision us. You are not short if people didn’t compare you with someone who’s taller and that person would be called tall, if there weren’t anyone who was shorter than his or her height. We live in a world of comparison which is good and bad at the same time. If we couldn’t compare, how can we evaluate but then again if we were all the same then what are we going to compare anyway? I think we should all look at humans as different animals. It’s true that we all are humans but then again just like in the world of animals, we are different. Some are birds, fishes, mammals, reptiles while some are tiny and invisible.

What I’m trying to say that is that we all are different and in my opinion, if we are ever going to compare ourselves the best person to compare ourselves are with the person we are as of now with our expectations. If you sit for an exam, could be GCE or even a general IELTS test will the person marking our paper give us more or less marks just because someone else did worse or better than us? No, that’s simply because each question has a set answer to which they will mark it for and whatever aside of is not considered when marking your paper.

Whenever you go for some revision classes or practise classes for different subjects or sessions like SAT prep Dubai, when they give a mock paper they will only ask you to evaluate your performance based on the answers given by you only. So simply, whenever you feel like you lack something, always try to evaluate yourself and here I will tell quick ways to see how well you are in English. I’m choosing that as that is an international language being used over 40% to 50% around the world. If you have someone who’s proficient in the language, watch them speak and learn then try to speak on our own to a mirror and record yourself and after few days, evaluate yourself in the past with current status.

The other easier method will be to take online practise exams and see how well you do in them. There are so many papers that’s easily available that will be automatically marked as well, so do them and see where you stand. These are some of the ways to evaluate yourself on language literacy but you can use similar ways whenever you need see improvement in you.