When furnishing a bedroom, it’s common knowledge that the main focus of the room should be the bed. Thus, start your designing process by working your way from here. Unless you’re a workaholic who hardly gets any sleep, you’ll be spending some quality time in your bedroom. Thus, make sure you pick the best items for your bed, whether it is the linen or mattress.


An interesting looking headboard will immediately capture interest and provide a feeling of comfort. You can choose from a variety of bed headboards. You can also match them according to the style you want for your bedroom. Wooden will be suitable for a more rustic style. Metal can be used for a minimalist or vintage bedroom. Padded and upholstered however, will provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury. They also come in king and queen sizes, according to the size of your bed. You could also match the colour palette of your bedroom with your headboard.


Your bed will not be complete without a proper mattress. Thus, picking the best type of mattress is a must. It will not only provide you with a good night’s sleep- but could even be responsible for your health! A good quality mattress will provide support for your body and spine, while a bad quality mattress will probably give you backaches. Thus you’ll have to decide on the type of support you prefer and choose carefully. Spring mattresses are really bouncy. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are less bouncy but much thicker and will provide better support.

Bed linen

Choose your linen according to your budget. The higher the thread count, the more expensive and luxurious bed sheets will be. A normal thread count is around 200. Anything less than 200 will be coarse and uncomfortable. You could choose from various fabrics too. Cotton is best for summer. Sheets usually come in percale and sateen. Sateen has a higher thread count and a soft, silky feel. For a cheaper option, choose a blend of polyester and cotton which is durable and will withstand multiple washings.


Don’t forget a blanket to drape over your bed when it is cold. Blankets come in various fabrics including wool, fleece, cotton, cashmere, silk and down. The thickest and warmest blankets for winter are wool and fleece. Silk and cashmere are perfect if you’re aiming for luxury and style. Blankets also come in King and Queen sizes.
You can get these essentials to match your bedroom’s colour scheme to provide an uniform look.