Well, it is the end of the year and folks are up for all kinds of new. New career, new goals, new baby, new car, even a new house! Well, if your flat mate has saved up enough and wants to move in to her own urban apartment, well, good on her. So then you get invited and it is almost the day of the house warming and you still haven’t decided on what to give her. Ha! You thought you could wait around till the last minute and get her something nice, didn’t you? And now it is around the corner you seem incapable of wrapping your mind around that perfect gift. Should you get her that set of curtains she died for at the coffee store opposite your old flat? Or should you go that little extra mile and get her a nice little pet to occupy the new dwelling with her? Or you could be very casual and take two vine bottles with you, drink it at the house warming and call it a day.
Well, the choice does not get easier. You know that you have to get her something thoughtful as well as useful. It could be an ornamental piece or something that she always wanted. Then you have to think of your budget, and plan around it. You can find gifts online UAE which is an easy and effective method of browsing through a range of options within a short while. Specially, if you are a busy person who has no time to waste on stores, the net is a great relief.
You can get her garden items, some exotic plants, or that flower she always wanted a plant of, some basic garden tools, grass toys, garden props – anything. If you know that your friend loves gardening, considering the type of gardening she might have to do, if it’s the balcony or the front yard, you could find the perfect gift.
People rarely think of giving garden items when it comes to house warming parties but let me tell you, they are considered the most thoughtful. It is like when everyone else is giving the person mats and cutlery and vases, you go that extra mile of thinking of their gardens. It comes off as very thoughtful of you and will sure stand out among the endless vases. However, when choosing a gift for a house warming, you have to think of the utility as it is a new house and there will be a lot of areas that needs attendance, so make sure that the gift you buy covers one of those areas and leave a good impression of you.